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Sell your scrap metal to us for the best deals, based on the most recent market prices. With a customer-focussed approach, earning us 5 star reviews on Facebook, you can trust us to give you a fair deal and help you any way we can.
Scrap metal

How we work out your quotes

Different types of metal have different values, determined by supply and demand. If your metal is ferrous (iron, or an alloy that contains iron, like steel), the value doesn’t change much because supply and demand are both very stable.

But for non-ferrous metals (including aluminium, copper and zinc), the prices can change on a daily basis as the stock market fluctuates. For this reason, we recommend that you phone for quotes after 10am, so that we can give you the most accurate quotes based on that day’s market.

How we determine pricing

Since quotes are dependent on the weight you give us over the phone, your actual payment is not decided until we weigh the scrap metal you have brought us. We have a 50 tonne weighbridge on site which allows us to accurately work out how much metal you are selling us.

The weight, combined with the value of the metal you are selling us, determines how much we offer you for your scrap metal.
A yard worker holding scrap metal

Getting paid as a private individual

For legal reasons, all payments must be carried out by cheque or bank transfer. We can only make the payment if you bring the following ID with you, valid and in date:
  • ID: either passport, driver’s licence photo card or National Identity Card
  • Proof of address: either utility bill or bank statement (no more than 3 months old)
  • Scrapping a car? We’ll also need your vehicle’s log book (V5C)
If you require a bank transfer rather than a cheque, remember to bring your bank details.

Getting paid as a company

For commercial businesses, we typically work with bank transfers only. Please send us your invoice on headed paper, providing your bank details so that we can make the payment directly by bank transfer
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